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Dawn Poudrier-Lucido - Owner, Color & Extension Specialist


Welcome to RRSalon.  Ever since I can recall from my childhood memories, my career calling has been strong & clear towards Hair Artistry. Hair has been my craft & professional passion for over 22 lovely years and I still love every moment.


As I began beauty school at 18 years old, I started as a receptionist & assisting at RRSalon.  I sought out deepening my education through & along side my amazing father whom also always sought out further education & advancement throughout his career & with this my apprenticeship was born!  

Two decades later I am just as dedicated to learn techniques, share & educate through apprenticeships.  My passion continues anticipating new trends, & seeking continuing education in the products and the tools I use. The science of the hair intrigues me to this day.

From behind the chair, I see & respect everyday the gift to share & facilitate, as well as connect & reach hair and styling goals & dreams with each client. I am blessed to work with each client in building their vision. We accomplish this together through communication & consultation & reach a realistic compromise achieving the desired style.


I am honored to share my love of this craft, hold space, & earn the trust & security of my clients through my ambition & motivation that runs through me and with these hands create the magic in which we seek together.  

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